Dental Hygiene

Debbie our Hygienist is well experienced and is a key member of our team.

Dental hygiene is a very important part of keeping a healthy smile.

Debbie our hygienist is specifically trained in the prevention of periodontal (gum) disease. She is keen to re- educate patients with regards to the use of toothbrushes, electronic aids, dental floss and inter-dental brushes.

Your hygienist will carefully examine and chart your teeth and gums noting in particular: inflammation, bleeding, swelling, and the presence of plaque and calculus. She will remove plaque and surface stains by gentle scraping, polishing and high-tech prophyflex power sprays.

“Prevention is better than cure.”
Thus, all of our clinicians may advise their patients to visit the hygienist regularly, as part of a Preventive treatment plan.

Why visit the hygienist?
  • Oral health advice. tailored to your needs, with extensive periodontal therapy. Their therapy involves scaling of your teeth and also the plaque and tartar which extends below the gum-line. This is essential for those with gum (periodontal) disease.
  • Prevent Disease. Our hygienists are also adept at using the latest UltraSonic scalers and instruments used in preventing, stabilizing and treating gum disease. Thus, prevention means less treatment and cost for you!
  • Prevent Bad Breath. Bad breath can often be caused by gum disease. Regular scaling by your hygienist can prevent this along with diet advice.
  • Remove Tooth Staining which may be caused by smoking, tea, coffee, wine etc

Watch our video on Hygiene: